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Chungs Foods – Food Product & Lifestyle Photography Shoot

We just wrapped a great shoot for our new client Chungs Foods.  While they came to us to update their website, we ended up needing some updated assets to work with for both their website and social media sites. 

Jen Schmidt captured 2 days of Product and Lifestyle Photography along with our Marketing & Art Director Julia Requarth.  Here are some behind the scene photos from day 1, product photography:

On day 2, we got to hang with the wonderful talent from TruTalent and take some shots at a beautiful VHR provided by Tahoe Destination Vacation Rentals.  Here are some behind the scenes;

And here are some finished shots;


One taste and you will know Chung’s passion for quality. While any company can make that statement, we prove it day in and day out with product quality FACTS:

  • Meat is one of the first ingredients in our product nutritional information

  • We hand roll our egg rolls while the competition uses machines to make their products

  • Our products are made with natural ingredients which guarantees the highest quality product

  • Convenience is key which is why we pre-cook our products for heat & eat meals in minutes

  • Consumers, like you, have made Chung’s the #1 premium egg roll in the country and we work hard every day to continue to exceed your expectations.

For nearly 30 years, Chung’s has been providing the highest quality Asian appetizers to consumers. Using the freshest ingredients, one bite and the crisp Chung’s flavors will overwhelm your senses. We individually hand roll each egg roll because you’ve told us it is important to provide premium restaurant quality to time crunched consumers like you. Your family deserves it!

Our product lines feature a wide variety of items,  white meat chicken egg rolls, authentic Asian seasonings, and the highest quality vegetables where you will see and taste a difference. Dedicated to uncompromising quality, we continually strive to bring the best in authentic Asian tastes to every home in America!