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Tahoe Economic Summit – Tahoe Rising – 2020 Virtual Event Video Production

By November 11, 2020November 21st, 2020Blog, Video, Video Production


tahoe rising

Attendees of the three Tahoe Rising Events will discuss challenges facing Lake Tahoe in this current pandemic – from economic, community and environmental perspectives. Keynote speakers will share their wisdom from around the country. Panel sessions with those experts combined with local Tahoe leaders enhance these conversations. Collaborative and interactive group sessions will follow and provide an opportunity to share solutions that we can implement locally to improve our region.
Lake Tahoe may be made up of many communities, but we are one lake and one regional economy, so what affects some of us, affects all of us. Tahoe Rising’s objective is to catalyze change and take action for the benefit of our regional community and economy.
Tahoe Production House created wrap up videos for each of the sessions.  Take a look at the finished video below.
September 30: 10:00 – 12:00

Tahoe’s Economic Picture​
An economic picture of Tahoe’s regional economy pre and post COVID-19. A review of this economic impact analysis and forecast and what it means for Tahoe’s communities now and in the future.

Tahoe’s Economic Picture
Keynote Speaker

Dr. Christopher Thornberg
Dr. Christopher Thornberg is the Founding Partner of Beacon Economics, LLC, an independent research and consulting firm. He is also Director of the UC Riverside School of Business Center for Economic Forecasting and Development and an Adjunct Professor at the School.
October 14: 10:00 – 12:00

Tahoe’s Economic Recovery
How can you Recession Proof/COVID-19 Proof your business and community? How to take advantage of remote workers. How to pivot your business in the post COVID-19 economy.

Tahoe’s Economic Recovery
Keynote Speaker

Manny Lamarre
Manny Lamarre is a Senior Program Associate at WestEd working on initiatives that strengthen the improvement of workforce and education that leads to economic mobility for youth and adults. He serves as an expert in areas such as career pathways, work-based learning and apprenticeships, industry partnerships, and federal policies. Manny was the Founding Executive Director of the Nevada Governor’s Office of Workforce Innovation.
October 28: 10:00 – 12:00

Tahoe’s Economic Resiliency
What’s in the best interest for Tahoe in the long-term? How can we transform our economy sustainably and equitably? What can we learn from other communities that have transitioned successfully?

Tahoe’s Economic Resiliency
Keynote Speaker

Bruce Katz
Bruce Katz is the Founding Director of the Nowak Metro Finance Lab at Drexel University in Philadelphia. Previously he served as inaugural Centennial Scholar at Brookings Institution. He is a Visiting Professor in Practice at London School of Economics, and previously served as chief of staff to the secretary of Housing and Urban Development and staff director of the Senate Subcommittee on Housing and Urban Affairs.