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Unplugged Solar Video Production – Social Media Ads

By November 25, 2020Video, Video Production

Get unplugged with Unplugged Solar Energy Services.


Unplugged Solar Energy Services will guide you on your path to clean energy and a lifetime of savings. Tahoe Production House was a part of creating some new social media video assets for the company that can also be used on their website. We shot on our DJI Phantom Inspire Drone as well as our Blackmagic 6K kit.

The cost of energy is constantly rising and will continue to rise throughout the next decade.

Some states experienced an increase of 8% year over year inflating homeowner’s monthly utility bills, without any additional increase in electric usage. With rising temperatures and more homeowners working at home people are consuming more electricity than ever before, further increasing monthly bills. We have serviced areas in Southern California that use PG&E and Southern California Edison that have experienced some of the highest kilowatt-hour cost in the country.  

Here at Unplugged Solar we are a one-stop shop working with the highest quality products at the lowest prices on the market. Warm areas with abundant sunshine such as Texas, Arizona, Florida, Nevada and New Mexico see some of the biggest savings when switching to solar with Unplugged Solar.

From now until the end of 2020 the federal government is giving back 26% in a form of a tax credit to help pay for a brand new solar system.  Don’t delay, contact us for a free quote today!

Our mission is to provide the highest quality service for our clients that are interested in owning solar energy for their home or business. Our solar consultants help define individual goals, evaluate options, and provide comprehensive reliable solar education to ensure our clients make a knowledgeable and confident decision. We network with the nations best solar installers so we can connect you with the right providers, we’ve done the research so you don’t have to. 

Our core values include: Integrity, honesty, professional expertise, and developing long-term trustworthy relationships with our clients. Our ultimate goal is to build a community, a culture and a world that thrives off clean energy, all at a low cost.