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Richter Family Christmas Card Design – 2020

It was that time of year again for the Richter Family and Tahoe Production House to design a great holiday card for 2020. This year was so hard for everyone with COVID and there were a lot of feelings about what the card should be.

At the end of the day, what this year came down to the most, was Love. Mary Kay had a vision, and it involved some creative thinking to get the shots we needed in order to photoshop them correctly to pull off the design. She wanted to spell out the word “LOVE” with their bodies.

We took photos of each of the Richter’s individually doing their pose and paid close attention to our angles and perspective. Here are some great behind the scenes shots from the shoot inside the TPH Studio:

Once we captured what we needed, we got to work in photoshop and created this fun design with Christmas lights and a sweet message for their family and friends!

Happy Holiday’s and contact us if you want a great card for your family!