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Lake Tahoe Community College Foundation – Monthly Updates – Video Production

By March 2, 2021Video, Video Production

Tahoe Production House has been working with the Lake Tahoe Community College Foundation to produce some video content to help their marketing.  We came up with the idea to produce a monthly update that can be shared across their website, social media and newsletters.

The video is filmed in the last week of the month to promote the next months successes and upcoming events.  Take a look at our latest video below:


The board members of the Lake Tahoe Community College Foundation believe all students have the right to pursue higher education regardless of income and background. The Foundation supports students through programs like the Lake Tahoe College Promise, emergency book fund and Student Success Grants so students can stay in school and focus on their studying to degree completion.

An investment in education at Lake Tahoe Community College is an investment in the future of Lake Tahoe. Your contribution will inspire students’ hope for tomorrow and foster optimism and direction for future generations.