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Summit to Shore Chiropractic – Website Development & Design 2021

Tahoe Production House just relaunched Summit to Shore Chiropractic’s website for 2021.  It was perfect timing, they were coming into year 5 of business, and moving their office to a new, better location.  Time for an upgrade.

Our process when relaunching a site like this is to take current branding like logos and colors, and carry them over to a new fresh look.  We love how the new homepage turned out, which features just a little taste of each page on the site, coupled with beautiful floating boxes and images.  The use of call to action buttons and links to other pages on the main page is great.

The Services page was the most challenging.  How do we combine and inform about all the great services that Dr. Darin performs?  We created a page with a mini menu that leads you though his different offerings.  We also linked up all of his great blogs about each subject so clients can explore subjects deeper and learn more about what might benefit them the most.

Overall we are super pleased with the website, and we hope it helps keep Dr. Darin in biz for the foreseeable future!

South Lake Tahoe’s Premier Sports Chiropractor


Dr. Haworth grew up in a small town on the eastern side of Washington. From a young age, he developed a love for sports and the outdoors. He grew up participating in soccer, baseball, competitive swimming and lots of other activities. As an adult, he especially loves freestyle skiing, mountain biking and hiking. 

Dr. Haworth and his wife, Melanie, enjoy living in South Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Nevada mountains with all its beautiful trees and terrain.