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Tahoe Wellness Center – Commercial Photography Shoot – 2021

Tahoe Production House just completed a commercial photography shoot for the Tahoe Wellness Center. These guys have been hard are work updating and remodeling their space, and needed some updated shots for their website and social media to show off their new look.

Jen Schmidt captured some fantastic shots of their signage, fish tank with custom TWC coral and products in the space. Take a look at a few selects below!


Lake Tahoe’s original locally owned cannabis dispensary since 2009, founded to provide safe access of adult use and medicinal cannabis to our community, now serving all adults 21+.

Since Tahoe Wellness Center opened in 2009, our primary focus has been providing compassionate care for the Lake Tahoe Community – within and outside TWC doors. TWC promotes love and support for each other and our environment, and by acting on these ideals, we are Keeping Tahoe Well every day. As the first licensed cannabis dispensary to become a member of 1% for the Planet, TWC donates 1% of annual sales to local non-profits that are dedicated to improving Lake Tahoe and its community, to keep Tahoe well for generations to come.

How does this help Tahoe? Where does global change start? On a local level. There are countless non-profit members of 1% for the Planet based right here in Lake Tahoe, that are dedicated to preserving our beautiful home. This means that when Tahoe Wellness Center Pledges the 1%, it goes towards improvement and awareness for our environment and community.

As fellow members of 1% for the Planet, TWC has contributed to these non-profits to ensure Lake Tahoe and it’s community are kept well for years to come.