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Keep Tahoe Blue – League to Save Lake Tahoe – Product / Lifestyle Photography 2021

By July 22, 2021July 23rd, 2021Blog, Commercial Photography, Marketing, Photo

Tahoe Production House just wrapped shooting some updated product and lifestyle photography for  the League to Save Lake Tahoe.

The League relaunched their online store, and needed some updated shots of their products.  Swapping over to a Shopify platform, they wanted to fill up their online store with great imagery of everything from accessories to apparel, and hats and reusables.

Going into the project our team had no idea they had so many great products.  What a great way to support keeping our beautiful lake BLUE!

Tahoe Production House worked closely with Jen Schmidt, our in-house photographer, and TruTalent Agency for our Models and the League managed all products that needed to be shot.  We had over 100 items that needed to be shot in the studio as well as lifestyle shots out in the beautiful Tahoe wilderness.  We hit the trail at Van Sickle State Park and ended our day at Kiva Beach!

Here are some awesome behind the scenes photos and screen grabs from the new website.  Take a look, and grab a new t shirt or hat to support the good cause!


Keep Tahoe Blue is an ethic of environmental stewardship constantly reminding us to protect Lake Tahoe, while we enjoy everything it has to offer.

Protect while you play. Your actions can be small, and they can happen while you’re enjoying Tahoe in your own way. As you walk, bike, ski or swim, pick up litter when you see it. Report aquatic invasive species when you find them. Help restore a wetland. Volunteer as a citizen scientist.

That’s the Keep Tahoe Blue lifestyle. Live it with us.

Each purchase supports efforts to protect the Lake we love, now and for future generations.

To learn more, visit