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Is Your Online Presence Authentic?

By August 17, 2021Blog, Marketing,

Customers are smarter than ever. Creating an authentic online presence is critical to any successful business. There are several key factors to cultivating your online brand presence. We are going to focus on three key factors: Platform selection, Organic Content, Paid Advertising.

Platform Selection:

As a small business, it is not always feasible to be on every platform. The two main platforms we would recommend for any business are Facebook and Instagram as they span the largest target audiences. You can also cross post things to multiple platforms saving you time on content creation! Make sure that you can be active on the platforms you selected and post at an absolute minimum of once a week.

Pro Tip: If you have old accounts on platforms you do not intend to use anymore, delete them. Having inactive accounts not only looks bad to potential customers but it will negatively impact your SEO.

Organic Content:

Organic content means that the content is posted to your profile without any advertising spend behind it and left there to grow “organically.” When creating organic content you want to establish a mix of amaetur photos as well as professional photos and videos. As I mentioned before, customers are smarter than ever. They see right through stock photography. Having professional photos and videos taken of your actual products is paramount. These photos will project the professional nature of your business while the ameature photos will provide a sense of realism to customers. Customer generated content is absolute GOLD when it comes to organic content! You should absolutely be sharing customer photos and reviews anywhere and everywhere.

Paid Content:

Although I wish it wasn’t true, social media has shifted to a pay-to-play model. Growing your following organically is a way of the past. Users need to run ads in order to gain favor with the Facebook & Instagram algorithm. A quick note on this algorithm, while we know a bit about how posts are prioritized there a lot of the algorithm remains a mystery as it is constantly changing. For paid advertising, we recommend focusing on content in the following order: professional video, user generated reviews followed by professional photography. Having a balance of organic and paid content will set your business up for success on social media and help boost your SEO.

We have just touched the tip of the iceberg with these digital marketing tips! Schedule a free 30 minute consultation call with Tahoe Production House today to discover the possibilities for your business!

written by Julia Requarth, Marketing Expert @ Tahoe Production House