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Evolve Academics – Website Development & Design – 2021

The college application process is ever changing and multi-layered. Evolve Academics will help answer all your questions and more as we guide you through the process every step of the way.

Evolve Academics was created to specifically help families and students navigate their way through the college admissions process. We offer customized college counseling on everything from which high school courses to take to financial aid packages to college essay writing.

Tahoe Production House helped bring their vision to life with this new sleek website build out.  We featured everything that made Evolve Academics different in their industry as well as worked out different functionality asks like appointment booking and services and pricing.

This build can out beautiful, check out some of the pages below.


Since Tahoe Tutoring’s inception in 2017, we have been supporting students on all kinds of academic journeys. We have designed study plans for students who struggle with time management and online platforms. We have created literacy programs aimed at assessing student reading and writing needs. We have encouraged students to map out long-range assignments and creatively tackled last-minute tasks. 

In the spring of 2020, Tahoe Tutoring temporarily closed its office due to COVID and transitioned to a complete online learning support system. Our tutors adapted to longer hours on screen. We adjusted our calendars to meet varying schedules. We worked with all clients to ensure their tutoring needs were being maintained through trying times. 

The Tahoe Tutoring office is now fully opened and we are enjoying seeing our students’ smiling faces once again. We installed a commercial filtration system into our hvac system, added a rigorous cleaning schedule, and adapted the office to adhere to state and county health protocols to keep everyone safe. 

Today, students’ needs are met both online, in-office and in-home.