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The Drug Store Project – Branding, Logo, Website Design – 2021

Tahoe Production House just finished a very fun and meaningful project for Lisa Huard with The Drug Store Project.

What is The Drug Store Project?

The Drug Store Project is a fund of the El Dorado Community Foundation, is a comprehensive middle school drug prevention program designed to educate youth about the dangers of substance use and abuse.

Here in South Lake TahoeThe Drug Store Project is in its 19th year and continues to be the single largest collaborative prevention activity that is conducted.  Annually, more than 45 agencies and 225 agency personnel and community members come together at the Lake Tahoe Community College campus to present this important information to our 6th grade youth of South Tahoe Middle School (CA) and George Whittell High School (NV).  This program is funded by donations and successful grant applications.

After years of running the program in the community, the program never actually had a real brand or logo. Our first step was to create a recognizable logo and good color pallet to drive a whole new website design. We wanted to choose colors that were kid friendly and a design that was modern. Take a look at the final logo design below:

Once we got the colors and logo locked in, our next step was to create a stand along website for the program. With the program being a non profit, our task was to create a professional website in a limited amount of hours. We chose to create a one page site to minimize code time and maximize information. The website features information about the program, sponsorships, and the ability to donate to the program, as well as a gallery, survey’s and extra information for the public to educate our youth. Take a look at some screen grabs of the final design below:


The Drug Store Project is an anti-drug/anti-destructive behavior event.  This year long planning process involves 45+ agencies-service clubs and 225 volunteers. These combined efforts have provided our reality-based scenarios for 325 sixth-grade youth annually since 2003.

To learn more about The Drug Store Project click through to read our program description or to view a presentation below. We are happy to share our “road map” of information with interested communities.