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Tahoe Shining Stars – Marcia Sarosik – Holiday Show Event Production – December 2021

By February 12, 2022February 14th, 2022Blog, Video, Video Production

Tahoe Production House was honored to be asked to produce the holiday performance show for Tahoe Shining Stars just before Christmas, 2021. We set up a 3 camera live switch system with one technical director to switch the cameras and one camera operator for the show.


Our studio is highly respected in the dance community. We network with studios and professional dance educators all over the nation to offer our students dance excellence. Our programs have also been highlighted in professional dance journals.

Miss Marcia has been dancing as long as she can remember. While growing up, she performed all over the Midwest for USO shows and toured Poland as a folk dancer. She performed as a professional tap dancer in Northern Nevada. She has a Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education and utilizes that knowledge when working with the variety of ages and learning styles of her students. She is constantly taking classes for professional dance educators in all areas of dance, is certified by Dance Masters of America, and is part of a network of highly respected dance teachers throughout the West. She has choreographed for musical theater productions at the high school and is co-director of the summer children’s theater program on the South Shore. Miss Marcia received the “Champions for Children” award from The El Dorado Child Abuse Prevention Council and carried the Olympic Torch representing the spirit of the City of South Lake Tahoe. It is a continuing goal to build the dance and performing arts outreach programs. She has been married to Dennis forever and they are the parents of Lisa and Evan. Lisa was a professional dancer, graduated from UNLV, consults on all aspects of the dance recitals, and is the director of a dance program in North Las Vegas. Evan graduated from UCSB with a dual major in Business and Spanish, and has a Masters in International Business from ESCP Paris. He lives in London and is employed by a financial firm. Miss Marcia is grateful every day for her wonderful family, staff, dancers, parents, and friends who are truly the ones who make our dancers “The Shining Stars of Lake Tahoe”.

• We are a non-competition studio that is dedicated to developing a love of dance and performance in our students

• We are committed to age appropriate music, costuming and choreography.

• Our staff is amazing. Every one of them brings their love of dance and special talent to their students and the choreography. Our staff also trains with the top professionals in the dance industry in an ongoing commitment to bring the best to the students.

• Our combo classes were developed on a strong dance curriculum that provides the dancer with an excellent education and less expense to the parent.

• We work very closely with the schools and community organizations when scheduling so that our families have an easier time managing their various activities.

• We provide numerous opportunities for our students to perform at a variety of venues and styles of performances. All of our shows are family friendly in length and especially in content.

• We give our students a commemorative studio t-shirt and participation ribbon every year. The dancers wear their shirts with pride and treasure them for many years.

• We have had many students become professional dancers, and many of our dancers continue their love of dance in college. Most important is that all our students take the confidence they’ve gained from being a “shining star” to whatever path they choose for their future. There are former shining stars who are great doctors, teachers, nurses, parents, artists, counselors…….. We constantly hear from our former students about the love of dance and spirit of family that they still carry with them.