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Lake Tahoe Community College – SOCA 2022, Lisa Maloff Slideshow Production

By September 20, 2022Blog
Tahoe Production House was pleased to help create a slideshow memorializing Lisa Maloff for the LTCC SOCA event.  The “Angel of Tahoe” Lisa Maloff passed away on Thursday, July 28. She was 93.  There are namesakes throughout the city to honor Maloff.  The slideshow shows some of the best moments of her giving to LTCC.
Watch LTCC Superintendent/President Jeff DeFranco welcome back staff, faculty, and students at this year’s State of the College Address on Thursday, Sept. 15, 2022.

Big changes are coming to LTCC’s campus thanks to $40 million in state funding to support construction of on-campus housing for low-income students. Additional private and public funding is also coming in to support and expand LTCC’s Forestry and Fire programs with, allowing LTCC to educate more of the skilled, professional workforce that California desperately needs to protect its communities and forests from the growing threat of wildfires.

President DeFranco discussed what’s coming in 2022-23 and beyond, the timeline for completing various campus projects, and how all of these changes will lead to a campus-wide transformation in student services and support.

LTCC: State of the College Address 2022