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Simply Represent Clothing – Product Photography – 2023

Simply Represent Clothing Company is a brand that’s all about simplicity and quality. So, when they approached Tahoe Production House to help them with a product photography shoot, we knew exactly how to approach it. Together with Jen Schmidt Photography, we were able to produce stunning visuals that represent the brand’s values.

The shoot took place in the Tahoe Production House studio, where we set up various backdrops and lighting to capture the clothing line’s essence. We worked closely with the Simply Represent team to ensure that the photos matched their vision. Every detail was taken into consideration, from the styling of the garments to the choice of models.

Our team also provided post-production support to enhance the final images. We ensured that each photo looked professional and aligned with the brand’s style guide. The result was a collection of high-quality product photos that showcased the brand’s clothing in the best possible way.

Here are some final photos from the shoot!

Simply Represent Clothing Company prides itself on its simplicity and quality, and we’re honored to have been a part of their brand’s visual representation. The product photography shoot was a great success, and we’re thrilled with the final results. If you’re interested in seeing more of Simply Represent Clothing Company, head over to their website or check out their Instagram page, @simply_represent.