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Maria’s Mexican Restaurant – Menu Food + Drinks Commercial Photography – 2023

Tahoe Production House teamed up with local photographer Jen Schmidt to work on a photoshoot project for Maria’s Mexican Restaurant in South Lake Tahoe. The project’s aim was to update the food and drink photography for the restaurant’s menu, website, and social media platforms.

Jen Schmidt and the Tahoe Production House team worked together to set up an on-location shoot at the restaurant. They wanted to showcase the restaurant’s food and drinks in a way that would make potential customers hungry and thirsty. They decided to focus on the vibrant colors and textures of the dishes, as well as the unique ingredients and spices used in traditional Mexican cuisine.

The team spent the day photographing a variety of dishes and drinks, carefully arranging them on different plates and glasses to create visually appealing compositions. They experimented with different lighting setups and angles to highlight the food and drinks’ best features.

The resulting photographs were stunning and captured the essence of Maria’s Mexican Restaurant’s menu. The updated photos were incorporated into the restaurant’s website, social media platforms, and menu, giving customers a glimpse of what to expect when they visit.

Tahoe Production House is thrilled to have worked with Maria’s Mexican Restaurant and Jen Schmidt Photography to create beautiful food and drink photography that accurately represents the restaurant’s offerings.  Here is a peek at a few of our final images from the shoot!


Even though our story began in Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico – a city known for its culture and rich cuisine – it now resides in South Lake Tahoe. Maria’s is a locally owned family restaurant focused on sharing our famous and authentic recipes with our community. We pride ourselves on delivering the freshest ingredients day in and day out. Everything from our authentic mexican vegan specialties mexican restaurant to our scratch-made guacamole, our passion and love for traditional ingredients can be felt with every bite. For us to be able to share the love that has been passed from generation to generation is what set us apart. Whether it’s sizzling fajitas you can smell from across the room or fish tacos that invoke all the feelings of a beach vacation, we know you’ll come to love our food just as much as we do. At Maria’s, we focus on meeting the needs of all our customers and offer a variety of signature plant-based dishes (or substitutions) for our vegetarian and vegan patrons. The minute you walk through our doors, we want you to feel like family. From our table to yours, please join us for a bite.