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Special Olympics Nevada: Proud Sponsor of Polar Plunge 2023

Tahoe Production House, the leading photography and video production company in the Lake Tahoe area, was honored to be a sponsor of the highly anticipated Polar Plunge 2023 event. Held at the picturesque Round Hill Pines Resort in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, the Polar Plunge is an annual tradition that brings together brave individuals who take a chilly dip in the frigid waters of the lake to support a great cause.

As a company deeply committed to giving back to the community, Tahoe Production House was thrilled to contribute its photography and video services to capture the excitement and enthusiasm of this unique event. The Polar Plunge is not only a thrilling experience for participants, but it also raises funds for Special Olympics Nevada, a remarkable organization that provides year-round sports training and athletic competitions for individuals with intellectual disabilities.

The Tahoe Production House team was on-site, capturing the unforgettable moments and freezing them in time through stunning photography and video footage. From the electrifying anticipation before the plunge to the triumphant smiles and camaraderie afterward, the team at Tahoe Production House expertly documented the spirit and energy of the Polar Plunge.

The photography and video services provided by Tahoe Production House beautifully showcased the courage and determination of the plungers, the scenic beauty of Lake Tahoe, and the joyous atmosphere of the event. Each shot was carefully composed to capture the raw emotions and exhilaration that participants experienced as they took the icy plunge.

The team at Tahoe Production House understands the power of visual storytelling and how it can amplify the impact of events like the Polar Plunge. Their exceptional skills and dedication to their craft allowed them to capture the essence of the Polar Plunge and convey the spirit of unity, support, and community that surrounded the event.

As a proud sponsor, Tahoe Production House is delighted to share a glimpse of the captivating moments captured during the Polar Plunge 2023. These photographs and videos not only serve as cherished mementos for the participants but also as powerful reminders of the collective effort to support Special Olympics Nevada.

To get a taste of the exhilarating Polar Plunge experience and witness the incredible commitment of the participants, take a moment to view the examples of photography and videos captured by Tahoe Production House. These visuals beautifully encapsulate the vibrant energy and the meaningful purpose behind the Polar Plunge.

Tahoe Production House remains committed to supporting local events and organizations that make a positive impact on the community. Through their photography and video services, they aim to not only document these moments but also contribute to the greater cause and inspire others to get involved.

The Polar Plunge is just one of the many ways Tahoe Production House continues to give back and support the community it serves. As the go-to company for photography and video production needs in the Lake Tahoe area, Tahoe Production House is dedicated to capturing the essence of special events, bringing stories to life, and creating lasting memories.

To learn more about Tahoe Production House and their wide range of photography and video production services, visit their website and explore their portfolio. Join them in celebrating the spirit of community and the joy of supporting great causes.

View the captivating examples of photography and videos from the Polar Plunge 2023 captured by Tahoe Production House here:

Photography and Video by Joseph Saragosa


Special Olympics is a global movement of people creating a new world of inclusion and community, where every single person is accepted and welcomed, regardless of ability or disability. We are helping to make the world a better, healthier and more joyful place—one athlete, one volunteer, one family member at a time.

The mission of Special Olympics is to provide year-round sports training and athletic competition in a variety of Olympic-type sports for children and adults with intellectual disabilities, giving them continuing opportunities to develop physical fitness, demonstrate courage, experience joy and participate in a sharing of gifts, skills and friendship with their families, other Special Olympics athletes and the community.