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Tahoe Expedition Academy – Field Trip – 2023

Tahoe Expedition Academy (TEA) is a Pre-K-12th grade school located in Lake Tahoe, California. The school was founded in 2011 with the goal of providing a more engaging, holistic, and equitable education for a diverse set of learners. TEA uses Constructive Adversity, a unique approach that uses adversity and adventure, both inside and outside of the classroom, to push students beyond their comfort zones in a supportive environment. This approach helps students develop key character traits like resilience, compassion, and adaptability alongside academic knowledge.

TEA believes that each child’s uniqueness is critical to the experiential learning process. The school uses the real world to teach students how to thrive in the real world. Their curriculum is designed to foster creativity, curiosity, and critical thinking skills in their students.

Recently, TEA took a field trip to Tahoe Production House (TPH), a local media production company. The students arrived at the studio and got a full tour of the facility. They learned about the full production process, from pre-production planning to filming and post-production editing. The TPH team talked about the importance of planning and preparation in the production process, as well as the value of teamwork and collaboration.

After the tour, the students had the opportunity to put what they learned into practice in front of TPH’s green screen. The students had prepped and written three short films, and they used the green screen to create backgrounds for their stories. With TPH’s guidance, the students filmed their movies, including acting and sound effects.

The outcome was amazing, and the students had an unforgettable experience at TPH. They were able to apply their creativity and critical thinking skills in a real-world setting, which is the cornerstone of TEA’s educational approach. TEA is committed to providing unique, hands-on experiences for their students, and the partnership with TPH helped to achieve this goal.

TEA’s Constructive Adversity approach is not just about academics, but also about preparing students for life outside of the classroom. They aim to instill in their students the skills and traits that will help them succeed in the real world. The field trip to TPH was a perfect example of how TEA is achieving this goal.