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Ernie’s Coffee Shop Menu Shoot, Feast for the Eyes

By December 31, 2023March 9th, 2024Blog, Commercial Photography, Marketing, Photo

At Tahoe Production House, we understand the importance of visual appeal in the culinary world, especially when it comes to tantalizing taste buds through an enticing display of food. Recently, we embarked on an exciting collaboration with Jen Schmidt Photography to capture the essence of every delightful menu item at the beloved Ernie’s Coffee Shop in Lake Tahoe California.

Ernie’s Coffee Shop prides itself on serving up delectable dishes that satisfy cravings and warm hearts. To highlight the richness of their offerings, Tahoe Production House meticulously captured every item on Ernie’s menu.  From mouthwatering breakfast specials to irresistible lunch combos and great drinks, every dish at Ernie’s Coffee Shop has its own story to tell. Our goal was to ensure that each item was impeccably showcased in high-quality images, ready to entice visitors on Ernie’s website, social media platforms, and online ordering systems.

The captured images now seamlessly integrate into Ernie’s Coffee Shop’s online platforms. From the moment visitors navigate the menu on the website to browsing through social media posts or exploring the online ordering system, they are greeted with tantalizing visuals that tell the story of Ernie’s culinary delights.  At Tahoe Production House, we believe in more than just photography. We aim to craft an immersive culinary experience through visuals, inviting patrons to indulge their senses before even stepping foot in the restaurant. Through our collaboration, we’ve strived to enhance Ernie’s Coffee Shop’s online presence and provide a feast for the eyes of their loyal patrons and potential customers alike.  Explore the menu, browse the dishes, and get ready to embark on a culinary journey that tantalizes taste buds and beckons you to savor each flavorful creation.

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