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Tahoe Production House: Transforming Tillson Law’s Branding into a Timeless Identity

By December 9, 2023Design, Graphic Design, Marketing

Change is the only constant in life, and for Tillson Law, it came in the form of an evolution in leadership. With the torch passed from Joe Tillson to Mike Tillson and his wife Kelly, this transition marked a new chapter for the firm. As they stepped into the helm, they recognized the need for a brand overhaul.

Tillson Law had never embraced a definitive logo before, and with this shift in leadership, they saw an opportunity to create a distinct identity that would reflect their values and commitment to their clients. Understanding the significance of a strong brand presence, they turned to Tahoe Production House (TPH) for assistance in this pivotal journey.

TPH collaborated closely with Mike and Kelly Tillson to embark on the design journey. It began with in-depth discussions about the essence of Tillson Law, their core values, and the unique traits that set them apart in the legal domain. These conversations laid the groundwork for a fresh and meaningful brand identity.

The creative process initiated by TPH was a meticulous endeavor. The team at TPH crafted numerous design concepts, exploring various visual elements that would encapsulate Tillson Law’s ethos. These ideas were presented, discussed, refined, and further tailored to match the firm’s vision.

After a series of iterations and refinements, a logo was born – a mark that resonated deeply with Tillson Law’s values and aspirations. The final design represented their professionalism, integrity, and dedication to their clients. It was not just a logo; it was a symbol of their commitment and expertise in the legal field.

In addition to the logo, TPH extended their support to create cohesive branding elements. They crafted visually appealing and professional business cards and letterheads that harmonized seamlessly with the new logo. These collateral pieces became vital touchpoints, reinforcing Tillson Law’s renewed brand identity.

The new logo, business cards, and letterheads became the cornerstone of Tillson Law’s refreshed brand identity. They now possess a compelling visual identity that speaks volumes about their professionalism and dedication. This transformation sets the stage for a promising future as they continue to serve their clients with unwavering commitment.

The partnership between Tillson Law and Tahoe Production House marks the beginning of a new chapter – a chapter defined by a powerful brand identity that echoes the values and integrity of Tillson Law. As they move forward, they carry with them a visual identity that speaks volumes and resonates with their clientele.  Thanks for trusting us to make a great brand for you!

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