Advertising Media Buying

We strive to connect the brand to its community by understanding it on an emotional level. We learn about our target market, where they come from, their expressions, hobbies, and more to build a successful campaign.

After the data has be collected, we’re ready to bring in our team of creatives.

Advertising Strategy is…

  • Live Chat
  • Pay Per Click ( Google Premier Partner)
  • Targeted Display Banner Ads with Geo-Fencing
  • Video Banner Ad
  • YouTube Ads
  • OTT ( on cross-devices or smart TV’s)
  • Radio
  • Streaming Audio
  • Email with Multichannel
  • Edirect Email with Retargeting and Multi-Channel
  • Social Conquest
  • Display Ads, Print Ads
  • Local SEO

Our Advertising Media Buying Services include:

Identification of your consumer target and the appropriate media to reach those target consumers

Advertising budget planning and integrated media strategy across multiple advertising platforms

We negotiate advertising rates to lock-in the most competitive pricing and negotiate added value opportunities with each media buy

Review performance and effectiveness of individual advertising tactics and make adjustments based on those results

Manage the placement and delivery of your adverting creative to media outlets

SEM/ Google Pay Per Click:

  • Google Premier Partnership
  • Geographic Location and Keyword Tools, Budget Recommendation
  • SEM Campaigns Click Ads First Page Ranking
  • Ad Creative Design & Direction

Targeted Display Banner Ads with Geo-Fences:

  • City ZIP Display Banner Ads with additional Targeting available
  • Geo-Fencing Targeting with Ads
  • Multiple Touch Points Created for Customer Action

Video Mobile:

  • Video Creative on Mobile with Targeting
  • City ZIP Display Banner Ads with Additional Targeting Available
  • Geo-Fencing Targeting with Ads
  • Multiple Touch Points Created for Customer Action

Live Chat:

  • The Live Chat feature allows us to capture the first name, last name, email address, and phone number.
  • Additionally we can provide transcripts of each conversation.


  • 15 or 30 second non-skippable commercials that run on smart televisions, laptops, desktops, and mobile devices.
  • Targeted Ads based on geography and demographics.
  • 360 Model Approach with OTT and SEM


  • eDirect Campaign guarantees a 10% open rate
  • Retargeted Display Banner Ads for any individuals that opened the e mail

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Tahoe Learning Haven – Logo & Pitch Deck Graphic Design – 2021

Tahoe Production House just wrapped design for the newly created Tahoe Learning Haven. Kathy Haven is creating a new and unique idea for the South Shore, bringing additional bilingual classes to our community. She wanted to create a fun look for her new schooling idea, so we put together a logo / pitch deck that could tell her story and hopefully get it off the ground.

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