Studio Recording Services

Tahoe Production House is a state of the art audio production recording facility. We pride ourselves on our top rate sound engineers, equipment, and acoustically designed studio and well-equipped control room. We offer music production services for the entire album making process including writing, recording, mixing and mastering.

Professional audio recording services with professional quality pre amps, microphones, and recording equipment.

Record your music the way you imagined it would sound in the Tahoe Production House audio studio where we have everything you need to make your dream project a reality.

We offer high quality microphones and studio engineers to make your project come to life. We have a large variety of classic vintage amplifiers, effects processors, vintage guitars, and even vintage bass rigs.

Here we have the power to capture decades of different styles and sounds!

Contact us today to learn more about our starter DEMO PACK – includes 2 professionally recorded and mixed tracks.

TPH offers engineers who are quite tuned in to all styles of music. They are very sensitive to the subtleties of each piece of music while still being quite attentive to the client’s requests. Our engineers have the technical ability to create in the mix those ideas that you want.

Currently we mix in Logic Pro X and sum up to 16 channels out to a high quality Dangerous Analogue Summing unit. This gives the perfect hybrid between digital and analogue allowing for razor sharp editing and automation with the warmth depth and headroom that only the analogue domain can offer.

We also try to mix to be mastering ready. It’s important to NOT over compress or print mixes too hot. The Mastering process requires several db of headroom to be effective. This is true whether we master your tracks or you take them to a dedicated mastering facility. We understand sound quality. With a little musical sensitivity and top of the line limiters and converters, we are able to get your music up to today’s standards in level without destroying the quality of your tracks.

We offer a free assessment of your tracks or mixes and can customize a project rate based on your needs and timeline.  Contact us today!

Looking for High-quality professional voice overs for commercials, audio books, and more?

End the hunt for fast, top-quality, affordable recordings you can use however you need for your next project.  We produce carefully-crafted recordings for any purpose.  Our voice over actors can tackle any project, from presentations to video games, and even phone systems! 

Or maybe you’re a Voice Over Talent, and you need a place to record?  We have that too.  Contact us to schedule your next session.

Here at Tahoe Production House we are not only technicians, but also musicians. We have the skills to write a large variety of song styles.  We will be happy to discuss what your needs are, whether its for movie / commercial scoring, or song writing for your personal use.  We also have a variety of studio musicians available for your recording needs.

Contact Us to create a CUSTOM QUOTE for you.

Rehearsal Space for Bands!

$25/hour, no gear, 1 hour minimum*
$50/hour includes basic backline, 1 hour minimum*
Backline includes – Drum Kit, Guitar Amp, Bass Amp, 3 mics, Small PA system

Note: A non-refundable $25 deposit (applied to the final amount) is required to secure the space. Full payment is due on or before the time of the scheduled session. 
*Additional fees may apply depending on the size of your group and needs.

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