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Studio Recording Services

Tahoe Production House is a state of the art audio production recording facility. We pride ourselves on our top rate sound engineers, equipment, and acoustically designed studio and well-equipped control room.

Record the way you imagined it would sound in the Tahoe Production House audio studio where we have everything you need to make your dream project a reality.

We offer music production services for the entire album making process including writing, recording, mixing and mastering.

Recording & Mixing Services

Professional audio recording services with professional quality pre amps, microphones, and recording equipment.

We offer high quality microphones and studio engineers to make your project come to life. We have a large variety of classic vintage amplifiers, effects processors, vintage guitars, and even vintage bass rigs.

Mixing & Mastering Services

Our engineers have the technical ability to create in the mix those ideas that you want. Currently we mix in Logic Pro X and sum up to 16 channels out to a high quality Dangerous Analogue Summing unit. This gives the perfect hybrid between digital and analogue allowing for razor sharp editing and automation with the warmth depth and headroom that only the analogue domain can offer.

We also try to mix to be mastering ready. We understand sound quality. With a little musical sensitivity and top of the line limiters and converters, we are able to get your music up to today’s standards in level without destroying the quality of your tracks.

We offer a free assessment of your tracks or mixes and can customize a project rate based on your needs and timeline. 

Voice Over & Audio Book Recording

Looking for High-quality professional voice overs for commercials, audio books, and more?

We produce carefully-crafted recordings for any purpose.  Our voice over actors can tackle any project, from presentations to video games, and even phone systems! 

Or maybe you’re a Voice Over Talent, and you need a place to record?  We have that too.  Schedule your next session with us today.

Music Composition & Theme Song Creation

Here at Tahoe Production House we are not only technicians, but also musicians. We have the skills to write a large variety of song styles. 

We will be happy to discuss what your needs are, whether its for movie / commercial scoring, or song writing for your personal use. 

We also have a variety of studio musicians available for your recording needs.

Contact Us to create a CUSTOM QUOTE for you.

Rehearsal Space for Bands!

TPH offers studio space to bands that need a space to jam and be loud.

Rate is hourly with a 2 hour minimum
Can include basic backline & PA rental upon availability for an additional fee

Note: A non-refundable $25 deposit (applied to the final amount) is required to secure the space. Full payment is due on or before the time of the scheduled session.
*Additional fees may apply depending on the size of your group and needs.


Take a listen to some of our work


Tahoe Production House Lights Up the “State of Education” Town Hall

Tahoe Production House is honored to be the backbone of support for the Tahoe Chamber’s “State of Education” Town Hall, a crucial event that brings together our community and educational stakeholders. The event took place at the Tahoe Beach Retreat Conference Center, commencing at 6:30 p.m. It was a momentous occasion where community members, parents, and families with students in the Lake Tahoe Unified School District (LTUSD) came together, both in person and virtually, to engage in important conversations.

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Enhancing Virtual Engagement: Tahoe Production House Provides Live Stream Solutions for Tahoe Donner Home Owners Association

In the era of virtual connectivity, it has become essential for organizations to adapt and find innovative ways to engage with their audiences. Tahoe Production House had the privilege of collaborating with the Tahoe Donner Homeowners Association (HOA) in Truckee, CA, to provide live stream solutions for their annual home owners association. By leveraging our expertise in live streaming, we enabled the HOA to connect with a broader audience, both locally and remotely.

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Enhancing Accessibility: Tahoe Production House Creates Spanish Voiceover and Subtitles for Tahoe Keepers Training Video

At Tahoe Production House, we are passionate about utilizing our expertise in video production to support organizations dedicated to environmental conservation and education. We recently had the privilege of collaborating with the Tahoe Resource Conservation District (Tahoe RCD) to enhance their training videos for the Tahoe Keepers program. Our goal was to make the content more accessible by re-recording the voiceover in Spanish and creating custom subtitles and closed captions.

Continue Reading Enhancing Accessibility: Tahoe Production House Creates Spanish Voiceover and Subtitles for Tahoe Keepers Training Video


Our podcast studio services provide everything you need to produce a professional, high-quality podcast. Our state-of-the-art equipment and experienced engineers ensure that your audio is crystal clear and perfectly balanced. Our comfortable and private recording space allows you to relax and focus on delivering your best performance. Plus, our post-production services, including editing and mixing, will take your podcast to the next level. With our podcast studio services, you’ll be able to bring your podcast vision to life and reach a wider audience.

Equipment List



Logic ProX

Full compliment of Waves and UAD plug-ins



Apogee EnsembleInterface8 Channel AD/DA Converter

Apogee Trak 2 with2 Channel AD &8 Channel DA



DangerousMusic16Bus-LT – 16 Channel Analog Summing

Dangerous Music Source – Mastering quality monitoring

AVID Euphonix Artist Control

JBL LSR 4326 Active Studio Monitors

JBLLSR 4312 Active Subwoofer



Avedis Mic preamps

OSA-C Mic preamps

Apogee Mic preamps

API 560 10-bandGraphic Equalizers

FMR Audio PBC-6A Retro Compressor

FMR RNC Compressor

Lexicon PCM-60 Vintage Reverbs

Alesis Masterlink



AKG D112

Sennheiser Drum Mics

M-Audio Sputnik Tube Condenser Mic

Cascade Fathead I Ribbon Mic

Cascade L2 Stereo Condenser Mic

Shure SM 57s

Rode NT1 Condenser Mic

Apogee MiC USB Mic



VoxAC30 2×12

Fender Blues DeVille 4×10 (modified)

Fender Vibrolux 2×10



Vox Valvetonix AD60vtx 1×12

Fender Rumble 150 Bass Amp

SWR California Blonde I Acoustic Amp



Vintage and Boutique Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Mandolins, Violas, Dobros, Banjos, Dulcimers etc.

Alesis USB Studio Pro Electronic Drum Kit

Kurzweil SP88x Weighted Keyboard

Nord Electro 73 Organ/Electric Piano