rc heli tranquility estate

Drone Videography and Photography: Tranquility Estate

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This past week Tahoe Production House was asked to film some aerial video and take some aerial photography using an RC Heli of a large estate here in South Lake Tahoe known as The Tranquility Estate. So Tahoe Production House worked with Avian Films to capture some great aerial videography and stills. What is aerial video and photography? It is a method in which pictures or video are captured from a perspective not seen at ground level.

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live sound engineeering lake tahoe

Live Sound Production: to Reinforce or Reproduce the Sound?

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There are obviously many things to consider when doing sound production for a live event or show to consider, especially, whether to reinforce the sound or reproduce the sound. When doing live sound, the question you must address is, do I need Reinforcement or Reproduction? There is a big difference between the two. Many of people are not aware of this. Additionally, is your event or show outdoors or indoors? Again, this is a very different scenario that requires different gear and set-up and thought process to make for a successful experience by the audience.

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Google Business Photos Tahoe Production house

Our Latest Google Business Photos for Lake Tahoe Businesses

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Tahoe Production House is currently a Google Trusted Business Photographer and in the process of receiving full certification from Google. Google Business Photos help you showcase your business so that when people search for your business on Google, the photography tour of your business will appear in search results. Google Business Photos uses the same Street View technology that you find online on Google Maps – but Google Business Photos is geared only for businesses.

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Understanding Live Mixing: Front of the House & Monitors

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This blog is about Live Mixing both front of house (F.O.H.) and monitors. These are 2 different worlds. Josh and I did the Eric Burdon show this week end. I did F.O.H. and Josh did monitors. The band was a large set up with a good size drum kit, large percussion set up, 2 key board players with one key player having a “B-3” organ, Bass guitar, 2 guitar players with electric and acoustic guitars each, and Eric Burdon. Everybody sang in the band except the drummer….

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