Tips for a Successful Casting Call for your Next Production

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You want to film a movie, or a music video, or a commercial? You need actors to play specific roles and perform specific tasks? How do you make sure you are getting the right people for your project and production? A casting call. Holding a casting call will let you cast the right people for the roles you want filled, and give you a chance to see their acting style, what they look like in person, what they look like on camera, and if you think you can work with them as a director….

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Tahoe Production House Launches New Website Design for Gotta Woody SUP

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Tahoe Production House is proud to announce the launch of our Client’s new website design at

Gotta Woody Paddle and Board Co. creates hand-shaped, all-wood Stand Up Paddle (SUP) paddles, Stand Up Paddle (SUP) boards, and all-wood canoe paddles. Each of Gotta Woodys SUP and canoe products are one-of-kind designs and no two products are alike. They are simply beautiful to look at with the intricate woodworking and have an incredible feel to the touch. Gotta Woody Stand Up Paddle and Board Co. is located in South Lake Tahoe, CA and owned by master woodworker Larry Adams….

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Live Audio Recording Opportunities and Audio Workshops & Classes at Tahoe Production House

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Our latest blog from the Real Audio Workshop sound team at Tahoe Production House is about upcoming live audio recording opportunities and audio workshops and classes.

Summer is right around the corner and the good weather is here. What does this mean in the in Lake Tahoe? It means that around Lake Tahoe and the surrounding area, there will be tons of outdoor music events, big and small. (E.g., Harvey’s Outdoor Summer Concert Series, Montbleu Outdoor Event Center, Live at Lakeview, etc) This would be the perfect time to “capture” that live event. Whether its your band, a single player, a DJ or the entire event…

Real Audio Workshop is proud to announce the investment of a 24 channel mobile recording system. We have great pre-amps, mics, stands, cables, not to mention the professional and experienced engineering staff to “capture” your event. The recording can then be brought back to the Tahoe Production House studio and be cleaned up if needed, have over dubs placed on the recording, add a few effects if desired, or simply mixed down as it is. Then it can be mastered, copies can be made, CD covers…..the list goes on for services offered from audio production to video production to website design and graphic design…

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Crowdfunding: How to Raise Money for Your Video Production Project (Or other New Business Idea)

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Lately, Tahoe Production House has been helping clients with their Kickstarter videos for crowdfunding their ideas. It’s a neat concept and allows ideas that would normally have a hard time getting off the ground financially become a reality.

So what is crowdfunding exactly? It builds on the idea of crowdsourcing: “The act of outsourcing tasks, traditionally performed by an employee or contractor, to an undefined, large group of people or community (a “crowd”), through an open call.” (Wikipedia). In short, crowdfunding pulls together people to fund a project, business, or cause, over the Internet.

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Photography Tips: The Benefits of Shooting Your Photos in RAW Format.

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RAW is a photography file format that captures all the image data recorded by your camera’s sensor when you take a photo. The image is not compressed like when shooting JPEG. Every singe pixel in the image is exactly the way the sensor recorded it. Try zooming a JPEG. You’ll notice it has “patches” of the same color making up the image. That’s compression. It’s not pretty. With RAW you’re able to produce higher quality images, and correct problems in your images that would be impossible if shot in JPEG.

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