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Thoughts on What Makes a Good Audio Engineer

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This week’s audio blog from the audio team at Tahoe Production House is about having a good engineer to do your project. I have seen, experienced, witnessed, and worked with many engineers in my career since the 70’s. Not mention as many the artists. Some were really good, and some not so good, and some that really need a lot of help. No one engineer or artists knows it all. Most artists however, know just what they are looking for or want and how to get there. Others have no clue and leave entirely up to the engineer. The later is mostly for this blog.

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Tahoe Production House Produces Live Broadcast for

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Tahoe Production House was asked by the music band “Ghost of the Robot” to do the production for their upcoming live broadcast show.

Have you heard of It’s an online concert venue where performers can broadcast live and interactive experiences directly from a laptop, while offering unique fan experiences that are never archived. Performers can make money by performing, and can be in any location. The fans get to know their favorite performers, and get to request songs, tip, and make comments, as well as meet other like-minded fans. Because it’s virtual, you can watch the concert in your underwear.

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What Small Business Marketers Should Know About Facebook’s Redesigned News Feed

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On March 7th, 2013 Facebook announced a “major” redesign to their News Feed. The red-designed News Feed is still in testing and will be rolled out over the next few months. Many people have been able to sign up for early usage. (To view the Facebook News Feed page, go: to

In short, the three main components of the redesign are: 1)desktop to mobile device consistency 2) a greater emphasis on photography and video 3) providing users with multiple streams in their News Feed (similar to the Goggle+ layout) that enable them to organize and sort through the various types of “relationships” and “activities” they engage with on Facebook.

As of the announcement, the different types if News streams are “News Feed,” “All Friends,” “Close Friends” “Following/Pages” ” Photos” “Music” “Apps” and “Games”

The multiple news streams have brought up many concerns as it appears that users will have the ability to only focus on their “All Friends” stream….this is a stream that does not allow posts from a users business Pages. Instead, if a user would like to view the Pages they are followings posts, they have to manually switch to the “Following” feed. Additionally, it is not clear how Sponsored Stories and Promoted posts will be displayed across these multiple streams.

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Using the Celemony Melodyne Program in Audio Recording.

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I would to talk about a very special “tool” for use in audio recording which is a signal processing program we have been using very recently. It is call “Melodyne”. The program comes from a Germany-based company called, Celemony. The inventor is Peter Neubacker. The program is nothing less of one of the most amazing tools I have ever used in recording to this date. This is by the way, an award-winning program. Once I began to use it, I understood why. It comes with the Persounus Studio One program as the “Essential” version of Melodyne. One of the first times we used it was to fix vocal parts where the intended note was missed, or was very difficult for the signer to reach.

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