Video versus Film: An Interesting Study about Resolution Differences

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Digital Video vs. “Old fashioned” Film: Is there a difference?

Shooting video is a lot easier these days compared to years ago. Today, you can make a movie in just about any format and still be taken seriously, but you better have a great story and good production value.

Prior to the digital revolution of the 1990s, things were a lot different. If a movie was shot on anything other than 35mm, it was not considered a real movie. The standards were so ingrained in the industry, that even today, old school filmmakers say that digital does not compare to film.

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My Perspective: Digital Vs. Analog Audio Recording

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I’ve been recording records in a studio setting with friends since I was 15. Before then it was a four track, and before then a Talkboy or My First Sony with a mic in the middle of a room. On our first studio album it helped that we had one of the greatest engineers out there: Joe Johnston. We did an all tape mix on 1” then mastered it off 1/2”. From there it was eventually burned onto a cd. It sounds great. Guitars are big but tapes are expensive, no recall or time for edits and digital is inevitable. This was way back in 1999! Then emerged Pro-Tools, technology changed from pedals to plug-ins, tubes to solid-state, a lot of people now look at me funny when I asked them if they have a mic preamp. Pro-tools was cool because you could save your session and pick back-up when you could afford it. Bands simply aren’t good enough to be Queen or the Beatles now so we all just fake it because we can’t afford to do it like the masters. This is fine because, for the most part, no one cares or can tell the difference… but I can and so can a lot of people when using real instruments. First, you have to ask yourself what kind of record am I making? If it’s a beat generator with some synth to upload to an ipod for a Minnie Mice to “spin” at the hip new place to dance your shame away, then sure, go all digital.

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What’s New in 2013 in Audio Department at Tahoe Production House

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Happy New Year to all from Tahoe Production House and Real Audio Workshop. This is going to be an exciting year for TPH and R.A.W.

We have great new service and product offerings this year for the audio department

We will be kicking off our audio classes in the next couple months. These will be for beginners, intermediate, and for advanced. We will be teaching “Analog as well as Digital” audio. We will be advertising when the class’s will be held, along with class specifics, and pricing, plus specials, keep an eye out for them, they will be limited to approximately 12 people per class. Don’t worry if you miss one, we will have them repeating throughout the year.

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Hire a Personal Videographer or Photographer to Capture Your Memories

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You’re ready for your Lake Tahoe summer or winter vacation: the flight is booked, the hotel is reserved, the bags are packed, but what about the professional videographer or photographer to shoot video or take photos and create an amazing film or album to share with your family and friends when you return? Picture this: You and your friends are riding during an epic powder day at one of the Tahoe ski resorts; the only thing missing is a videographer on hand to capture the fun with high-definition shots of this moment.

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Social Media in 2012. A Year in Review.

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In 2012, there were many changes across the established social media networks and exponential growth with a few of newest social media sites. The social media darling of 2012 was undoubtedly Pinterest, followed by Instagram, owing to their massive growth since 2011. Meanwhile the top news story, from a user experience perspective, was Facebook’s transition to the new Timeline format… a shift that caused major angst among users.

Statistically, the growth of social media usage and the accompanying use of mobile phones to engage in social media, saw a dramatic shift from 2011 to 2012. In Nielsen’s State of the Media: The Social Media Report 2012 , time spent on social networking sites went from 88.4B minutes to a whopping 121.1B minutes (a 37% increase) which is largely attributed to mobile applications and mobile web usage.

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