Facebook for Small Business: Why “Promoted Posts” are Necessary For Survival on FB

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Has it occurred to you, like it did to me a few months ago, that I wasn’t seeing very many of the businesses that I follow in my News Feed?

Do you Administer a Business Page, and find yourself confused at the metrics at the bottom of your posts saying that only XX amount of fans saw your post?

Welcome to the ever-expanding role of Facebook’s Promoted Posts feature.

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Announcing Our New Mobile Audio Recording Production Services

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Real Audio Workshop and Tahoe Production House is excited to add a new line of audio recording services to our already impressive list of audio production services at our studio!

In Lake Tahoe and the greater Northern Nevada region there are few studios that can offer the quality of audio production services that Real Audio Workshop and Tahoe Production House can offer.

We have a unique system set up in our studio to accommodate whatever your audio recording needs may be and more. But what if you need to record your project outside of the studio?

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Advertising Campaigns: Understanding Online Media Buying Terms Part1

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In Lake Tahoe, September and October is a time when marketing departments at the ski resorts, lodging properties, casinos and rental companies start buying advertising media in preparation for their winter tourism advertising campaigns. At the bigger companies around Tahoe, its likely that the people buying advertising media have a strong background in media buying so they are well equipped to make informed decisions about planning and buying media for their campaigns.

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Live Event Video Production and Streaming Video with NewTek Tricaster

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Live event video production can bring a lot to your live sports game, concert, corporate webcasts, conferences and other special events. Tahoe Production House uses the NewTek TriCaster to get the job done seamlessly. In one compact, portable live production system, we have all the tools needed to deliver a high impact product, just like any big network studio. The system is considered the industry standard to deliver a network-quality broadcast from anywhere. With this system you get multi-channel switching, network-style virtual sets, full HD streaming, titling, DDRs, audio mixing, editing and more.

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The Differences Between Analog and Digital Recording Part 2

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This is part 2 of my 2 part blog about the pros and cons of analog vs digital audio recording. Let’s understand that to some degree, “analog” is in the signal chain in almost any audio recording, whether digital or analog. It is either going to start out that way, as with a voice, or acoustic instrument, or end up that way coming through speakers. This applies even if your recording is a “midi”, electronic direct in, or computer tracks which may be through a sampler or computer plug in. Somewhere along the path, there will be an analog event.

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