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Success with Instagram: Small Business Marketing

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A previously niche social media app was thrust into the spotlight with Facebook’s $1 billion acquisition of Instagram. Many small businesses had not even heard of Instagram before Facebook’s purchase.

But despite its low profile as a business marketing tool, many small businesses around the country have been using it in their social media marketing plans effectively.

But before we dive into some case studies of small businesses embracing Instagram, here’s a quick review:

Instagram is a photo sharing application started in October 2010. What makes Instagram different from other photo sharing applications like Flickr is that Instagram enables users to do “post-production” work on their photos right on their phone. (Normally a photo would need to be manipulated in a program like Photoshop.) It offers filters and other tools to create artsy/quirky/beautiful photos. It’s the ability to make an ordinary photo look extraordinary, that makes Instagram so unique and so popular.

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Tahoe Production House Grand Opening Party!

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On Friday April 13th Tahoe Production House had its official Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting Party.

We had great turn out of a wonderful and varied group of business community members in Lake Tahoe.

While Tahoe Production House has been “open” for the past year, we were operating in soft-launch mode. As of the 13th we’re officially open for business.

Our goal with the Grand Opening Party was to provide our guests in-depth tours of the Production House facility and explain our various capabilities.

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Utilizing Foursquare for Small Business

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Foursquare is the leading site for location-based social media marketing and a great tool for small business.

Launched in 2009 and with 1.5 billion “check-ins,” foursquare boasts 15 million users worldwide as of January 2012

“foursquare builds tools that help you keep up with friends, discover what’s nearby, save money and unlock deals. …“About Foursqure”

Foursquare allows users to let their friends know where they are and what their doing by “checking-in” to various places on Foursquare. You can check in from bars, restaurants, movie theaters, sports venues, retailers, parks, museums…anywhere.

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Pinterest’s Rise to the Top: What is Pinterest and is it a good fit for my brand?

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In the past month, Pinterest has posted some surprising numbers in the world of social media:
Last week:
Shareaholic reported that Pinterest drove more traffic to online publishers (blogs) in February than Twitter.
In January:
Shareaholic reported that Pinterest drove more referral (blogs) traffic than Google +, LinkedIn and YouTube combined.
Impressive figures, to say the least.

What is Pinterest?:

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