This Letter is to inform all clients that Tahoe Production House requires certificate of insurance (COI) and copy of credit card and government issued ID on all rental orders. Renters accept full responsibility for any loss, or repairs, due to damage while in the renter’s possession. Insurance coverage is the responsibility of the renter. Proof of adequate insurance coverage for the full replacement value of the equipment will be required prior to the rental.

Insurance must name Tahoe Production House as the Loss Payee, as well as additionally insured. Coverage must include; explicitly Miscellaneous Rented Equipment, Rented Equipment, Rented or Leased Equipment as well as property covered off premises. The insurance certificate must also provide the total amount of coverage and the deductible on the policy. Policies with Untended Vehicle Disclaimers will not be accepted. All insurance will be subject to verification and approval by Tahoe Production House before any equipment is released. A credit card will be required to secure any deductible and rental fees. Name on policy must match credit card used to secure responsibilities. 

Please contact your insurance agent for all of the required coverage by Tahoe Production House. All certificates and forms need to be approved by Tahoe Production House 24hrs prior to rental pick-ups, and can only be verified Monday through Friday 9am – 5pm PST. The verification process takes time; please plan accordingly. Insurance policies from outside the United States will not be accepted. All certificates must extend a minimum of one week past the scheduled return date. This policy is in effect to protect you as well as Tahoe Production House from any sizable loss.

Thank you for your cooperation.

*Price, images, specifications and descriptions of items are subject to change without notice.