Tahoe Studio Rental Facilities

Tahoe Production House’s studio, edit suites, office space and front room are available for rental for all of your video, music and photography production needs.

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Studio + Office Space Rentals


All studio rentals, edit or office space rentals with these complimentary facility amenities.

  • Free Parking
  • Wireless Internet
  • Lounge With TV, Board Games, Nintendo, and more
  • Kitchen or walking distance to many great Restaurants

Production Studio Rental


Our Production Studio Rental space is available for Daily, Weekly or Monthly rentals. Our raw studio space is perfectly suited for the building and setup of custom sets and/or stages.  For custom sets, stages or build outs, TPH can also provide clients with in-house design and build services.  With everything you need in one place, all you need to bring is your creativity!  Please contact us for rates.

  • Patch Panel to all Edit Suites
  • Green Screen
  • Lighting Grid
  • Control Room
  • Acoustically Sound Treated
  • Loading Dock
  • Basic Equipment
  • Workshop with Tools and Painting Supplies

Video and Photo Commercial Hourly Rates – $250 1st hr/ $150 after

Video and Photo Commercial 8-hour Day Rates – $975

Basic Equipment & one crew member included, additional crew – $100/hr or $700/day

OFF Hours (anytime other than Monday – Friday 8:30am – 5:30pm – $100 flat rate extra for Studio and $50 per hour per crew member


Post Production Rentals


Final Cut Pro Edit Suites:
Day and Weekly Rates Final Cut Pro lets you edit everything from uncompressed standard definition video to HDV, DVCPRO HD, and uncompressed high definition video—as well as Panasonic P2 and Sony XDCAM HD tapeless formats. You can mix and match a wide range of formats and even frame rates in the open format Timeline. Final Cut Pro includes a complete set of professional editing and trimming tools that let you work quickly, with a full range of customization options to give you flexibility and control. Also included are powerful multicamera editing tools that allow you to view and cut video from multiple sources in real time.

Adobe Creative Suite:


Rehearsal Space for Bands

TPH offers studio space to bands that need a space to jam and be loud.

Fee: $25/hour*, 1 hour minimum. A non-refundable $25 deposit (applied to the final amount) is required to secure the space.

*Additional fees may apply depending on the size of your group and needs.

Note: All deposits are non-refundable. Full payment is due on or before the time of the scheduled event.

Equipment Rental

Digital Two-Way Radios and AccessoriesRental of our two-way radios include the following:

Two-Way Radio, Battery (8-14 hour life depending on usage/radio type), Belt Clip, Spare Batteries, Chargers (if longer than a one day rental) & programming. Labeling & check out sheet are available.

Accessories are an additional cost (Speaker Mic, Surveillance Kit, Dring, Headset, Dual Muff Headset).Repeaters, which provide long distance coverage, are an additional cost determined after researching the location. There are two options, one is an individual portable repeater and the other is a wide-area mountain top repeater that covers city or area-wide.

All Radios have multiple channels. We can label the radios to distinguish different names for each channel. For example: CH1: Emergency, CH2: Operations, CH3: Catering. Each radio will have a permanent asset number on the front to identify for check in and checkout purposes.

Delivery options include picking up at our San Jose Location or delivering to you at your location in the United States or Canada. We also offer a Price Protection Plan to reduce your L & D costs.

Radio Rental Inventory

Please contact me for a customized rental quote or if you are looking to purchase new or used equipment.