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Live Streaming

Whether you are streaming sporting events, producing live webinar’s or conferences, conducting online training, or performing concerts, we make it easy to deliver your live event to desktops, mobile devices and tablets live or on-demand with an experienced production team.

Tahoe Production House offers a premium service to live-stream and broadcast your wedding, corporate event, graduation, or hybrid event, to be viewed by your audience around the world.

Special Events | Conferences | Virtual Meetings | 360 Concerts

Providing full-service live streaming, virtual meeting solutions and hybrid conferencing solutions for your next project.

Tahoe Production House handles all aspects of the broadcast, providing you with an all inclusive stress free means of streaming online. We provide all the tools and equipment you need!

Take your live event to a global audience with us today! We offer the following services to get you streaming:

Live HD video to tablets, desktops and mobile devices. Android, iOS and Windows.

Reliability and industry standard video quality.

Flexible & scalable production units.

Single or multi-camera video production.

Engaging production. Mix in slides, graphics, video, social media feeds, virtual sets, and more.

Affordable corporate event capture and robust, low cost global live streaming.

Fast upload to YouTube, Vimeo or cloud hosting services.

In-house video editors & designers can produce custom content and graphics to accompany your stream.

Stream to Popular Social Media Channels like Facebook / YouTube, or Webinar Software like Zoom to produce content for your corporation, event, or wedding.

Extras available like pre produced content, DJ, Photography, Marketing & Social Media, etc.

Virtual Event and Conference Solutions

From private ballroom studio build-outs, to 100% virtual cloud-based production, we have the solutions in place to make your next event safe… and successful.

We provide Zoom LED Walls, high-powered Projectors and Conference Sound Systems.

Quality sound is essential to your next virtual meeting and from the board-room to the ball-room we’re equipped to deliver professional results.

We take the guesswork out of virtual events for many popular existing platforms.

Live Stream Packages Available

Full Live Stream Package

– 3 Cam Set Up with Live Switch, Graphics & Playback, as well as Live CG Graphics (Static and animated graphics and logos, tickers, social media integration, score keeping technology)
– All Gear and Crew Included

Half Live Stream Package

– 2 Cam Set Up with Live Switch, Graphics & Playback
– All Gear and Crew Included

Basic Live Stream Package

– 1 Cam Set Up with No Live Switch, No Graphics
– All Gear and Crew Included

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Looking for a DIY option for Live Streaming?

Laika Stream is a great solution to Live Stream Content like Concerts, Events, Conferences, Training, or Sporting Events. Laika is Loaded with extra features!

Easily embed, share and sell your video content online or to any mobile device, tablet, computer/TV, as well as integrate Social Streaming to platforms like Facebook and Youtube!

With the popularity of VOD growing at record rates, Laika is just one more step in the progression to a TV everywhere world. Syncs with PayPal for easy payments or donations! Get easy to view statistics so you know how many people watched your stream.