Video Production Services

At Tahoe Production House, we offer a number of full-service video production solutions including;

TV and web commercials, website videos, corporate videos, animated videos, music videos, support for feature films and TV shows, pre-production services, production services, post-production services, live event production and more. 

We develop, create and produce content for every channel and platform including broadcast, digital, interactive and live experiences, we collaborate with a wide range of partners, including networks and agencies, studios and brands.

Technology improves every day, so do we — and so does our technology.  We understand that production needs more than 9-5. We’re available 24/7.  We won’t go back to the well. If the scope doesn’t change, neither will our budget.

We specialize in both broadcast and digital and our creative space houses a green screen stage and post facility.  We pride ourselves on experience and creativity and will work hard to ensure that each and every client is satisfied with our services.

Production Crews:
Tahoe Production House can provide camera, grip, and sound crews for your project. Our experienced, talented, and dependable camera operators, lighting and grip teams, and sound mixers are ready to serve your project and bring a high level of quality and professionalism to your field or studio production.

Production Services:
Our company’s focus is in managing all of the technical aspects of your project and assisting with the development and production of special projects such as independent films, television programs and commercials, corporate videos, documentaries, theatrical productions, and special events.

Services We Provide:

Pre-Production Services:
Casting, crew hiring, costume designers, set decorating and building, location Scouting (Exclusive Privately Owned Properties), shooting schedule, scripting, storyboarding, and budgeting.

Production shooting:
Audio, lighting, directing, art directing, and special effects. Our Studio can be rented out at hourly/daily rates.

Post Production Services:
Editing, re-recording, soundtrack editing, visual special effects, Sound design, sound effects, Stock Photo & Video, ADR, Foley and Music.

Video Post Production:
Our aim is to provide a relaxed and creative environment where we can pay the utmost attention to each detail of your project as we achieve your artistic vision.

Audio Post Production:
Our professional engineers strive to create the perfect blend of audio and video, and improve your overall production value. We have extensive experience in location recording as well as all aspects of post audio giving us a solid perspective when handling the sound of your project from start to finish.

Video Editing:
Our professional editors, experienced with many editing systems, are familiar with all of the proven techniques to create a polished theatrical experience.

The Finished Video:
Creating custom professional videos and helping our customers to use them dynamically is a core part of our business at Tahoe Production House.  All video is delivered in a format requested by the client.

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