Launch Your Unique & Professional
Business Brand with a Winning Hand

Looking to launch your brand quickly with success? We have a solution for you.
We deliver the best hand you can think of by being the WILDCARD in your marketing hand.

We will deliver a Royal Flush.

We will help build your completely original, engaging, and exciting brand to the world.

With this package, you’re getting 160 hours of our combined creative services. It’ll pay out.

Wondering if this is right for you? Your business might need our Wildcard if…

  • Your a start up business and your serious about launching a brand the right way, fast and with everything you need.
  • Your only interested in doing things once, and right the first time.
  • You want a marketing team that believes in you, and your product.
  • You need results from a team that is proven to deliver.

The $12,800 Royal Flush – What you get:

The Ace
– Brand Essentials

Brand Strategy and Brand Messaging
Market Research and Execution Strategy
Visual Brand Design and Guidelines (Logo package, color palette, fonts, usage, etc.)
Marketing Outlets / Website / Business Cards
Strategic Partnerships / Collaborations
Graphic Design

The King
– Content Marketing

Introductory Blogs
Email Marketing Platform Setup
Introductory Eblasts/Newsletters
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The Queen
– Other Brand Assets

Print asset design and quoting (banners, business cards, print pieces, swag)
Asset collection (stock photos and organizing any existing brand assets)
Asset design (professional video, photography, artwork)

The Jack
– Initial Web Design and Online Set Up

Website Development + Design
Local SEO including Google and Yelp! Setup
Google Analytics Setup

The 10
– Social Media

Social Media Campaign Strategy and Plan
Initial Channel Launch and Introductory Posts Scheduled for 1 month

It all sounds AMAZING
Let’s Do This!

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