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Visit live places around Tahoe in real time!

Lake Tahoe Meadow View

Get a Live Web Cam for your Business!

You can Browse our collection of 41,056 webcams on, with more and more cameras being added and featured on our website on a daily basis! Live webcams, featured webcams, searchable by states and countries.



SeeTahoe is a platform built on the SeeJH model for the Lake Tahoe region and is part of the See.Cam partnership. Our main goal is to amuse, educate and awaken a strong feeling of wanderlust and exploration. The value of our live-streamed high-quality video content helps us tap into hundreds of thousands of passionate locals, travelers and destination enthusiasts from all around the world to see the beauty of Lake Tahoe. SeeTahoe is meant to be an invaluable resource for our local advertisers & businesses by providing a consultative approach to their business and customer connections.

Share the great view from your business with the world and reach out to new customers.

Live on &

In addition of your business being showcased on, your sponsored webcam live feed will be featured on See.Cam World Wide WebCams where users can browse our collection of more than 64.000 webcams.

How Businesses use the cameras

The Live stream of cameras can also be used on the website and social media pages. This is another good way of getting yourself some well deserved attention and likes.


  • Be a part of a global network of cameras with a huge customer base and traffic
  • Technical knowledge and high video quality on all plans
  • Instant visibility
  • Unlimited simultaneous viewers without impact on your internet connection
  • Social media exposure through the See.Cam network
  • Traffic Analytics – See how many visitors came through the channel and measure the impact
  • SeeTahoe is on a path to become a beacon in the region that will showcase the webcams and send valuable traffic to the business directory and your website
  • Additional Services: web & app development, graphics design, SEO, Local SEO & Social media

Our Services are built on three main pillars:



Our experience and expertise guarantees the newest technologies in terms of web cameras, web applications and marketing tools.



We ensure that your camera is up and running 99% of the time. Constant monitoring and maintenance!



Your business will be discovered through our high quality webcam feeds. All viewers are potential customers to your business. Plus, you can be an exclusive highlighted sponsor of the webcam mounted at your brick and mortar business.

What does it cost?

Choose your Webcam

Fixed 1080 – $1080 (one time fee)

Fixed 4k – $1800 (one time fee)

PTZ 1080p – $2070 (one time fee)

PTZ Premium – $3060 (one time fee)

Camera Rental – Fixed 1080 or Fixed 4k Only – Rental Terms & Policies

Camera Set Up

Included with Camera Purchase or Rental

  • Webcam of your choice
  • High quality Webcam Mount
  • Streaming License
  • Wire Roll
  • Install 6 hours 2 techs

Get All Benefits

$3600/year hosting fee with all benefits of live cameras!

When people are looking at your camera, they are looking at you! If you have any more questions, please contact us.

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