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Talks that Inspire Live Event – May 26 2018

By June 18, 2018Blog, Video


was held on Saturday, May 26, 2018


This was our fourth Spiritual Summit. The major goal for these events is to share with the community a way in which to get beyond challenges that life presents and gain a balance on the side of good. Ideas, based on the Christ and the teachings of the discoverer and founder of Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy, were presented on where people can turn when they have tried everything and nothing has worked. Do you just have to live with something with no hope of betterment? Our speakers shared how we can expect good and to gain freedom from whatever is bothering us! Thoughts were introduced that challenge the status quo of how diseases are inevitable, how others are incurable, how people just expect to deteriorate and decline, or put up with chronic conditions of disease or depression, and open ideas toward a peaceful, loved, healthy being. Life doesn’t have to be one thing after another. As we open our thought through prayer to more infinite possibilities, we find solutions to life’s problems.

Our Continued Gift to The Community:
Inspired points of view that lead to more peace, health and happiness in life.

The Talks were given at The Beach Retreat and Lodge at Tahoe

ALL are welcome to watch and listen to Talks That Inspire

Presented by: Members & Friends of 1st Church of Christ, Scientist – So. Lake Tahoe, California.

Tahoe Production House was proud to be a part of this years event, and Live Streamed the event from as well as put together each talk individually for playback on their YouTube channel and created a DVD for distribution.